Presented at the KIOM-SAR 2020 International Research Conference and partnered with the CCH Department of Anesthesiology, the Trauma Research Team intends to begin this Cook County Approved Prospective Research in 2021.


To assess the role of Transcutaneous Electrical Acupoint Stimulation (TEAS) in pain management and opioid administration for Tibia/Fibula fractures that undergo open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF). In addition, to validate the use of TEAS using the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) system and the quality of life EuroQol (EQ) survey.


A randomized controlled prospective study comparing pain control and quality of recovery in post-operative patients receiving standard of care versus standard of care + TEAS.


Our hypothesis is that patients will have reduced peri-operative opioid consumption and report superior pain control with use of intra-operative TEAS, resulting in ERAS.

Possible Conclusion

The use of TEAS on specific acupoints is relatively safe for patients, and generally a well tolerated therapy for post-operative pain reduction. Utilization of intraoperative TEAS with general anesthesia, may contribute to fewer complications, less postoperative pain, a reduction of cost, quicker return to work and normal function, and higher patient satisfaction.